The Cliff; A play by Michael Shand for 2014
Sean the artist @ Festival of Politics 2013
Poisoned Arrows @ Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh
Trailer for Flavia D'Avila Interview - Fronteiras Theatre Lab
Danielle Farrow Monologue - 'Merteuil', Hampton's 'Liaisons Dangereuses'
the bang 'all ok'
Alex Cornish, his song The Shame, and Sam Burns Clearance Yard
George Rosie on The Great Disruption, 1843 (subtitled)
Danielle Farrow Monologue - 'Constance', Shakespeare's 'King John'
stained glass
sneak preview of the bang interview
a different kind of local
Arch in the Greenhouse
Who is Phil Birch?
the big sing
Living the Dream
Harry Gooch
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